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Plastithérapie® is the result of over twenty years of research initiated and directed by French scientists.

It is an adjustable slimming method for women and men of all ages, regardless of their profile.

Plastithérapie® is the personalised application of a reasoned expertise. The method is a combination of treatment sessions and dietary recommendations.The results are adaptable for each profile.

Over its more than twenty years of existence, the media have qualified Plastithérapie® as a revolutionary method. Customers and clients claim unanimously that throughout the process their weight loss is harmonious.

The Theraform concept has been a French success. To date, and since the first installation in Lille in 1993, 90 approved centres have been opened in France.

If most of the clients are still women, men are becoming more and more conscious of their waistline.

Principles of Plastithérapie®